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Secure against the elements - StingRay's high performance, totally sealed environmental outdoor speakers.

StingRay is the perfect sound solution for any challenging indoor or outdoor environment - the speakers have no grill or openings which allow moisture or dust to enter. This means no rusty grills, no insects living inside or weather-damaged components.

StingRay will give you superior sound coverage with fewer speakers, offering smooth full-range sound in any part of the listening area with no "hot-spots" or "dead-spots" to manage. Become immersed in your music - without worrying if your speakers are immersed in water - with powerful bass response and superb Hi-fidelity sound.

StingRay speakers are customizable to match any desired look and can be painted, wrapped with clients custom-images on weatherproof vinyl graphics, or simply use the white or black versions.

Tel: (0)1344 883639

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