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"It's funny how the colours of the real world only seem real when you watch them on a screen", Anthony Burgess


The Media Rooms, Bring your collection of movies to life - with a home cinema room installation or system tailored to your needs - there really is something magical about watching your favourite film on the big screen whether it be streamed, or watched from Blu-ray or DVD.  

Our home cinema system designers are able to utilise the latest in technology to provide you with a performance standard unequalled by your local cinema venue.  We can now provide you with stunning 4K, True HD Video and sound, the latest in Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D Systems, that make you feel involved in every piece of the action in your film.  

Our designs follow carefully planned cinema room acoustics and speaker positions laid down by the film studios - through the careful partnering of the right equipment and brands, we can achieve results that Hollywood would be proud of. What's more, home cinema can be installed so discretely, as to almost disappear.

Alternatively, the design and installation can be tailored to complement your interior design and come to life at the press of a single button...They can be as subtle or as ostentatious as you want them to be. The end result is a home cinema or media room installation that you can share with your family and friends - it might just exceed your expectations of just what is possible at home.  

For extreme cinema & film buffs, we can design you a cinema system to full THX Ultra specification, (just as Mr. George Lucas intended).

All of our home cinema installations, regardless of budget, are designed and engineered to industry standards to guarantee the very best performance possible. Luxurious options such as dedicated lighting, leather seating, acoustically sealed rooms and other accessories, (like popcorn machines for an authentic & magical experience), means that you can have your own truly unique and amazing home cinema room installation.  

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