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Unforgettable Story Around
Unforgettable Story Around
By The Media Rooms Super, Jun 17, 2015 02:43 PM ,
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As a kid, Justin Wilkerson was curious about how things worked. Much to his mum’s annoyance, he constantly pulled apart radios and toasters! “By 14, I was repairing motorbikes in my spare time. I later did an engineering apprenticeship for four years, worked with robotic machinery and even did thermo-imaging for microwave ovens. “When I was studying computer science I was offered a job in the hi-fi shop where I bought my own sound gear. I had a huge record collection and a great system that I built myself. Friends started to ask me for help buying and building their systems because I took the time to listen, I was precise and designed their systems right - it was as simple as that. “Then I worked for a home technology company that sold customers the products they wanted to shift, rather than actually meeting customer’s needs. The designs were ugly and clunky, they cut corners on installation and the customer got a terrible experience. “I still see too many companies that operate this way. “I promised myself that if I ever started my own company I would do things so much better. “I would find out what my customers really wanted and design around their needs. It would be cutting edge, it would look great and be easy to use. They would get an amazing end result with impeccable aftercare. Clients wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. “When you buy from me or my partner, Dee, or anyone in our team, you’ll get focussed attention to detail and high quality. “Systems are well designed, integrated, smart, intuitive and simple to use - just what an amazing Home Technology experience should be.” Please call The Media Rooms on 01344 883 639.
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