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 As a society, we're listening to more and more music with a passion. We understand the principles of design and installation to allow the emotion of your favourite tracks and artists to be felt and heard in all their emotion, regardelss of the room size, room acoustics or whether its indoors or outdoors. The Media Rooms have accumulated knowledge and experience from over 26 years involvement with multi-room audio and video since the very beginning - the first audio distribution system was from Linn Hi-Fi and called 'Knekt'.  We have witnessed and evolved with the development and progression of audio and video distribution through the years and have a very clear understanding of performance and simplicity.  More importantly, we know how to harness and implement this within your home.  


 Whether you wish to listen to music via CD, vinyl, iTunes music, iPod/iPhone, hard-drive, stored music, cloud music, radio or internet radio, we will design and install a system that makes the listening experience an absolute pleasure - which after all is what music is all about.


 We want you to love listening to your favourite music around your home...and make the process effortless, whatever your musical tastes! HD Video distribution allows easy access to any combination of HD sources, whether it be Sky HD, Virgin Media, Apple TV, CCTV, Blu-Ray, a games console, other streamed high definition films or video -  this works with any number of HD screens or projectors in your property.The HD sources are located in a central AV rack and our cabling infrastructure will distribute these sources with the help of the HDMI matrix.  This means one family member can watch Sky box 1 while another is watching Sky box 2.  Simultaneously, in the home cinema room, a group of friends can be watching a streamed Blu-ray movie. 


 The synchronisation and control is simply taken care of in the background and only requires that you pick up your keypad or remote and select the activity you wish to view or change with one button - the rest is taken care of by the control system. This gives you the benefit of minimising your Sky boxes or other subscribed HD sources, because you avoid taking out further subscriptions for multi-room services.  This in turn, gives increased flexibility as each member of the home can have a dedicated Sky box to record and playback; for the kids, restrictions can be pre-set, so you have control of their viewing. The same distribution system can also be used to view photos' on your PC, or alternatively we can install an Apple TV, enabling you to view them on any of your displays.  Viewing can take place whilst listening to your favourite music in the background as you entertain your evening guests.  

Connected home technology made simple.