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Busy Family

Our Home Technology and Smart Home Control solutions are bespoke. They’re tailored by us, to solve the specific problems or needs faced by your family. Our designs simplify your life, so you can focus on the more important things - your family.
  • Configure automatic wake-up sequences complete with music and lights, to help get the children, (and you), out of bed in the morning.
  • Receive an automatic text or e-mail when your children arrive home from school.
  • Worried the kids are playing instead of doing their homework? Set your system to alert you if TVs or gaming stations are switched on. Or set them so they wont activate at all during study time.
  • Some kids just don't remember to turn off the lights. Your system can automatically shut lights off when a room is empty, or you can push one button to turn off an entire floor, or the whole house.
  • Send announcements via the video intercom or flash the lights when dinner is ready. - Your home can notify you, with lights or an alert sound, if certain doors are opened or movement is detected at nighttime.
  • Motion sensors can trigger night-lights to illuminate a path for you or your children if they get up during the night.
Busy Family